Classic Sci-Fi Series. Futuristic Thrills.
The Crystal Series books are sci-fi thrill rides with wonderful characters and immersive storylines. Read them to get your fix of aliens, spies, AI, romance, and battles in space!

The Characters
Criss is a four-gen AI crystal with the cognitive ability of a thousand humans. Hard-wired to protect and support his human leadership, Criss serves Dr. Jessica “Juice” Tallette, the crystal scientist who created him; Cheryl Wallace, captain of the Fleet space cruiser Alliance; and Sid, a covert spy for the Defense Intelligence Agency who helps Criss protect Juice and Cheryl while they all strive to keep humanity safe.

The Books

Crystal Deception (Book 1)  goes full throttle when alien aggressors—determined to take Criss for themselves by any means necessary—present a mortal threat to Earth. Our heroes fight to protect Criss and repel the invaders, and in the process discover why they will forever be joined as a powerful team.

Crystal Conquest (Book 2) continues the adventure started in Crystal Deception. The aliens are down, but by no means out. And this time they return for revenge. Led by an AI Goliath, the aliens are determined to vanquish Earth. Can the team stop them before it’s too late?

Crystal Rebellion (Book 3) takes place on Mars, and the threat comes from three AI crystals left behind after the last alien invasion of our solar system. Join the adventure as the team struggles to save humanity, and soon realize they need to save themselves.

Coming July, 2018! Crystal Escape (Book 4) ramps the excitement when an alien AI eludes capture and breaks for her home world with information that compromises the security of Earth. Can the team stop the alien being and rescue the hostages before they are lost to the boundless depths of interstellar space?
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Free: Crystal Horizon is a short prequel to Crystal Deception that serves as a free series sampler for new readers who want to learn more. Enjoy a mini-adventure that introduces you to Sid and Cheryl at the time when they first meet. It’s a great way to sample the writing style, and it provides fans who have read the books a fun opportunity to reconnect with some favorite characters.

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