Crystal Deception (Book 1)

Crystal Deception, the first full length book of the Crystal Series, is a futuristic thriller of action and adventure.  It’s available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. You may order books and preview the first chapters using the link to the right.

“I almost forgot how much fun one of these adventure novels could be. Thankfully, Doug J. Cooper has reminded me big time!” David T. Wolf, Author of Mindclone.

Book Blurb
When aliens steal Criss, Earth’s new super AI, they take Sid’s girlfriend too. That was their mistake…

After years of effort, Juice Tallette succeeds in creating Criss, a powerful new AI, using a template provided by her boss. When Criss is born, she learns that his template is actually of alien origin, and that the aliens intend to take the super AI for themselves. Stunned by the news, Juice seeks help from the Union of Nations, and they send Sid, a covert operative, to investigate. Sid sees Criss as both the perfect bait and his best weapon, so he loads the AI onto a space cruiser and rides out to confront the invaders. As he approaches the massive alien vessel, Sid wonders if he can depend on Criss to back him up if things go south. And what happens to Earth if his gambit doesn’t succeed?

“I enjoyed the story with all its subplots. The characters, even Criss, seemed real….Kudos for originality to Mr. Cooper!”  Jane V. Blanchard – author of Women of the Way: Embracing the Camino

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